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Elegant · Sisterhood

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Well, on Saturday, we met at my house and then went to Sam Moon [after many navigation errors] and a great time was had by all. We had Lauren, Gabby, Crystal, Krystal and me. So there were five girls basically wreaking havoc on the suburbs of Dallas. I think most of us spent way too much [at least I know that I did] but it was well worth it. We then went to lunch at Romano's Macaroni Grill and came back to my house to work on our special project, a way to display our charms.

The charms were acquired by our lovely Queen and were given to each member to create a way to display their membership. A pin, a bracelet, a necklace, a hat pin; many things were discussed/attempted and I think everyone had fun creating their charm jewelry.

Until next time,
Princess Holly

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Sorry it's taken so long for me to update.

So, for our second meeting, The attendees were Lauren, Gabby and I. While we were saddened by the fact that none of our sisters could join us for our celebration of the time we have together, we did have an opportunity to make plans [some really great ones, if I do say so myself] for this meeting that will be upon us in less than a week and for meetings that will be held in the months coming up.

I am incredibly excited for everything that's going to be happening. If you've not received any information or an invitation for this meeting, please don't hesitate to contact and of the three of us to get the place, time, and what's going to be going on.

I'm looking forward to be seeing all of you!

until next time,
Princess Holly

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Lauren, Gabby and I had our first meeting on November 15. You should be receiving your copy of the notes very soon. Just to recap what was discussed:

We [finally] decided on a mission statement and a club name after much debate and several corny jokes. We handed out contact sheets with my and Lauren's information. Gabby also made some pages for you to fill out and give back to Lauren so that we'll have your address, phone number, birthday, hobbies, etc.
We discussed the colors of our regalia. They should be lavender clothing [sweater, blouse, dress, etc.] and a pink hat; meaning no purple, red or hot pink.
Obviously, since you are reading this, you've managed to navigate a little bit of LiveJournal. But I wanted to remind you that if you have questions about how LiveJournal operates or how to do something on the website, ask me and I'll be able to answer/explain.
Gabby is our Creative Coordinator. This means that she will be responsible for all invites, special printouts and our scrapbook. [And just as my own personal aside, this woman is truly gifted when it comes to scrapbooks. Her work is amazing and we are definitely blessed to have her using her creativity for us!]
That said, we have a few positions that we would love for you to step into if you are so inclined. If you are interested in taking pictures at club gatherings to help Gabby [especially if you have a digital camera] or if you'd like to take minutes at our meetings, let us know!

We also planned our next meeting. It will be held on January 7, 2006 in Fort Worth at the Olive Garden on Alta Mere. There will be a carpool from Arlington to Forth Worth [and very likely from Dallas to Arlington] if you are interested in riding with others.
We look forward to seeing you there [in full regalia, of course] so that we can take our first group picture!

Until next time,
Princess Holly
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Welcome to the Pink Hat Ladies' Society!

It's still in the beginning stages right now but don't worry, Lauren and I are working hard to get everything underway!! We'll keep you posted!


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